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What’s the difference Between Hybrid, Volume & Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Do you find yourself wishing for thick, voluminous lashes that you can flaunt and flutter? Do you want to free yourself of the inconvenience of mascaras, falsies, and lash glues? Well, eyelash extensions might just be calling your name.

This popular, semi-permanent treatment can help you achieve those insta-perfect, wispy eye-lashes, without any need to coat them with thick globs of mascara.

The interesting bit is, there are many styles of eyelashes extensions you can choose from, depending on the signature look you want.

First, let’s brief you about the basics of lash extensions and how they are applied.

How are eyelash extensions applied?

This process is not as simple as applying a strip of fake lashes straight onto your lash line. In fact, it is a carefully crafted, meticulous procedure aimed at creating a natural, tailor-made aesthetic look.

The technician will show you different lash texture options like synthetic, faux-mink or silk. They also guide you through different lash styles, length, shape and thickness of each extension.

The application process is done by a lash artist using a tiny tweezer-like tool. Each eyelash extension is dipped into a special adhesive and is then applied individually on top of your natural lash. It can often take more than two hours for the first set to be applied.

Types of Eyelash Extensions:

In the world of eyelash extensions, there are endless possibilities for your specially curated dream lash. Whether you want a seriously thick and dramatic set of lashes or a ‘your-own-lashes-but-better’ look, or something in-between; you can sit back and browse through many styles.

With each different look, the application technique can also vary. The three broad eyelash extension categories you should consider are Classic, Volume, and Hybrid.

Here is what to expect from each of these types:

Classic Eyelash Extensions
Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

If you’re all about natural, understated lashes that look effortlessly gorgeous- you might want to opt for Classic eyelash extensions. This style gives you naturally enhanced, soft lashes with added length and not too much volume.

Essentially, the lash application ratio is 1:1, meaning there is one lash applied on each natural lash. One classic eyelash extension typically has 60 to 125 lashes to adequately cover most of your natural lashes.

The Classic look has some level of customizability as you can still choose the material and thickness of the extensions. It is the safest eyelash extension style and is known to suit all face and eye shapes.

If you decide to go for classic extensions, the technician would take roughly 2 hours to finish the application process. On average, you can expect classic extensions to last from 4-6 weeks.

Who should choose Classic Eyelash Extensions?

Anyone who wants to amplify their lashes without going over the top would love the Classic look. It usually gives mascara-like look to the lashes.

As it a universally appealing style, anyone can be a good candidate. People with a naturally thick set of lashes would love these too.

However, those with very scarce, or few lashes might want to go for a heavier extension style.

Volume Eyelash Extensions
Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions

If dripping in drama and glam is more your style, you might love Volume Eyelash Extensions. You will see a boost in both volume and length for a full and fluffy finish. Plus, if you have sparse lashes, you would greatly benefit from this extension style.

Volume lashes usually range from 2D to 6D. However, choosing the ones higher than 4D may compromise on the lightweight and natural look that many clients want.

Each Volume lash extension is created using 3 or more ultra-fine fans, which are then applied to individual lashes in an aesthetic way. The fans can either be made by hand, or are pre-made. In comparison to the multiple, fine strands used in Volume lashes, Classic lashes have thicker, single extensions.

The entire application process can take 2-4 hours and the time taken also depends on whether the fans were pre-made or not. The lasting time for Volume extensions is more than that of Classic ones. They generally stay put for around 8 weeks.

Who should choose Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Volume eyelashes are a truly magical for those with less lashes. The lightweight, feathery extensions seamlessly blend together to form a fuller set of eyelashes. You should also choose this style if you just want some extra ‘oomph’.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

A special 70:30 blend of classic and volume styles, Hybrid extensions can give you the best of both worlds. The strategic blending and placement of both the styles creates a unique look. You can enjoy your wispy and thick lashes with a gorgeously textured finish.

The Hybrid application process is done with the classic 1:1 technique as well as the fanning procedure. So, fans with 2-8 feather-like extensions are applied in combination with a single classic extension on top of the natural lash. The placement is finalized by the artist, depending on the clients preferred look.

One major benefit of H+-ybrid eyelash extensions is that they are even more natural than volume extensions. This is because they have more texture and are not too full-looking either. They can last for 8 weeks and regular touchups can give you an extra 2-3 weeks.

Who Should Choose Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Anyone who is torn between Classic and Volume, can simply choose Hybrid extensions. They can fill in any sparse gaps in your lashes in a completely customizable way.

The lashes are not very uniform, which makes them look more natural. So, you get a luxe finish with a hint of messiness. Do you want those beautiful bambi eyes? Go for Hybrids and you will fall in love.

Prices of Classic, Volume & Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

It’s impossible to make a final decision without knowing the cost of each eyelash extension. Keep in mind that lash extensions are pricey, especially if the technician has a high level of expertise and experience.

Classic eyelash extensions cost around $125 to $200 on average. Volume eyelash extensions generally start from $150. And finally, Hybrid eyelash extensions start from around $165.

So, do you want to wake up with long, luscious lashes? Splurge on an eyelash extension treatment and get those dreamy eyes.

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