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What type of curling iron is best for you?

With less argument, we can conveniently agree that the hair is easily one of the noticeable parts when you see someone. An attractive hair is always visually appealing and can give you easy welcoming when you meet new people and extra compliments or warmth when you meet friends and acquaintances.

For every large-volume hair owner, a style that never fades out is hair curling. Hair curling beautifully puts your hair and you cannot walk through a crowd unnoticed. Either you have a natural straight hair that needs curl or you need more curls in your curly hairs, what is common for both cases is the use of a curling iron.

Curling iron helps you to achieve the twists and curl you have always fantasised about having. Today’s digital marketing presents you with easy means of getting a new hair curler, the only problem is that it presents you with thousands and thousands of options to choose from. You have to comb through a large catalogue of hair curlers before finding the best one to comb your hair.

We can save you from long hours of searching and experiencing trial and error with your hair, by providing you with a detailed description of some of the hair curlers we consider to be the best in the market and can do right by your hair.

Curly Hair

What type of curling iron is best?

We have different types, shapes and sizes of functional curling iron. The choice of what is considered the best curling iron has to do with the basic features and how compatible it will be with your hair. The next time you want to choose to buy a curling iron, you should pay attention to these features and make them your shopping compass.

Type of Hair and Length

There are various types of hair and this affects what curling iron will work best for you. If your hair is the straight type, you need to have a brand of curling iron that will be more compatible with your hair to create a large wave of curls. If you already have curly hair the task might be easier for you, nonetheless, you still need a good curling iron that will convert the small ripples of curls in your hair to larger ones and keep it in place. The good part is that no matter what your hair type is, there is always a curling iron that will work well for you.

While considering your hair type, you should also put into consideration the length of the hair. You do not want to get an iron that cannot handle the full length or volume of your hair. You need an iron that is long and large enough to comb through your hair and add your favourite curling style.

Knowing the type of hair, you have can cut off stress when it comes to determining which curling iron will be the best fit for your hair. You can use the expertise of a hair professional if you find it out to determine what type of hair you have.

Curling Iron Temperature and Barrel material

Practically, curling iron works based on hot temperatures. The heat present in the iron helps to shape hairs into a comfortable, elegant shape and curls. The heat present in different curling irons vary in temperature and you need to take extra caution to prevent scalding your scalp or burning your hair.

If the heat in the curling iron is small, it will not give your hair the type and style of curl you deserve. Likewise, if the heat is in excess you will damage your hair. Identifying the level of heat provided by each curling iron can guide the choice of which one to go for when buying a curling iron.

The barrel material of the curling iron is equally important in getting a good fit curl with no damage to your hair. The best barrel material for your hair includes; pure tourmaline, pure ceramic and pure titanium. The curling iron can either have its barrel made out of any of these materials or even better a combination of any two. The volume of hair determines what barrel material is a better fit, thin hairs go better with ceramic barrel material or a combination of it. Thick hairs favour high temperatures instead.

Curling Style

Whenever you have to curl your hair, there is no one way about it. Different curling styles can be achieved with the right curling iron and temperature. Although the regular or cylindrical curling iron will work in creating curls in your hair, it cannot give you all the perfect curling styles you want and you need to spend more time to style the hair.

If you want to get more styles out of curling, you should invest in a customized curling iron that suits the style you want. The barrel size and gripping angle of the iron are two factors that influence the curl style that is formed. As a rule of thumb, the curls get bigger with the size of the barrel, and with a small barrel you can equally create small curls. The angle created when gripping also determines whether the curl will be short, large, or generate a wave curl.

The shape of the iron also plays a role in the shape the curl will take. You can create different curl shape like ringlet, spiral, and conical ones. The shapes are directly formed from the shape the curling iron comes in as well. There are already specialised curling iron shapes that gives off your desired curls.

how to operate a curling iron

How to operate a Curling Iron

Having the best curling iron is not enough, you should be able to operate the curling iron efficiently to achieve smooth and bouncy curls. There are different types of curling iron and although they might have a slightly different mode of operation and application, they still have some similar procedures to follow if you want to achieve the best curl.

Before following the steps of operating the curling iron, we assume you have selected the curling iron that works best for you. You should have also identified what type of hair you have and you know what type of curl style you want. All of these will guide you through the process of creating beautiful curls with ease.

Clamp or Wand Curling Iron

The common options of curling iron are the clamp and wand. While the two are types of curling iron they differ a bit in functionality. The clamp curling iron allows you to keep your hair in place while you work the magic of curling it., this process makes curling easy as you have more stability during curling.

The wand curling iron, which is more common in use, does not hold the hair in place like the clamp curling iron. You have to make your hair go around the barrel of the wand curling iron to make curls. Choosing a brand of curling product to go for also depends on which one you feel more comfortable using.

Each curling iron also come in different sizes, the barrel size helps in determining what style or type of curls will be created. Tighter wound curls require a barrel of ¾ inches or less than that, while bigger curls need a size starting from one inch.

Sectioning your Hair

No matter your choice of a curling iron, the first thing you want to do is have your hair in shape. Sectioning your hair helps you get the best out of your curling iron. Putting the hair in different sections separates the layer of the hairs, your hair can be thicker or thinner in certain parts. If you have a similar hair texture in different sections, it will help you achieve a more beautiful curl.

It is recommended to put the hair into smaller sections rather than bigger ones. Tighter curls are created easily when the hair is sectioned into smaller parts, if the sections are larger, a looser curl will be created.

Positioning your Curling Iron

Depending on the type of curling iron you are using, you need to position the iron to optimally make use of it. If your curling iron comes with a clamp, the clamp should be opened facing the front, place it near the beginning of the hair you have already sectioned. The hair should be held firmly in the middle of the clamp and the iron. When the hair is properly placed, you can close the clamp on the hair slightly and allow it cover the part of the hair you have sectioned, afterwards fully shut the clamp.

You should twist the curling iron towards the beginning of your hair and allow it generate enough heat for about 15 seconds, before removing the hair from the clamp by opening it gently. You can repeat this process for other sections of the hair till you achieve your desired curl.

In the case of a wand curling iron, a similar process still follows as the one with the clamp with slight variation. Section the hair into convenient layers and bundles. Since there is no clamp, you have to manually put the hair in place, position the wand such that you can easily reach the side of the hair you are working on. Place the wand with the barrel facing down, use the other hand to make the sectioned hair go round the barrel and allow it to heat up for about 15 seconds before unwrapping.

In any of the cases, you have to be careful with the curling iron to avoid damaging your hair or causing injury to yourself.

Bio Ionic Curling Iron

Bio Ionic Curling Iron
Bio Ionic Curling Iron

The bio ionic curling iron is a great go-to option whenever you have to choose a good product to bring curls to your hair. One of the attractive features of bio ionic curling iron is the barrel material. It is made of bioceramic material, apart from the protective feature this barrel material gives the hair, it adds antioxidants that helps in keeping the hair follicle and scalp hydrated. The barrel bioceramic material is also filled with minerals that promote healthy hair growth.

This brand of curling iron has an excellent temperature range that accommodates long-lasting and perfect hair curling. The temperature range is placed in careful measure to avoid overheating or extensive damage.

Tyme Curling Iron

Tyme Curling Iron
Tyme Curling Iron

With the well specialised and easy-to-use Tyme curling iron, you are sure to find curling your hair more fun. Tyme curling iron plays a dual role, serving as both curling iron and a straightener. It is very easy to use and portable enough to fit your bag while on the move or travelling.

Tyme curling iron features a flat iron curler which comes with a whole lot of features that can give you a variety of hairstyles. The temperature control of the Tyme curling iron makes it even more fascinating. It has up to 5 different settings for temperature and ensures you are in control of it. The curling iron is made of titanium plates that allow even distribution of heat for your hair.

T3 Curling Iron

T3 Curling Iron
T3 Curling Iron

Do you need something really small and handy to use as curling iron? Look no further. The T3 curling iron is a very handy tool that carries out efficient duties whenever it involves hair curling. The fun part of using T3 is the different shapes and variety it comes in, making its use very versatile for different individuals.

The T3 curling iron has its barrel material made up of a combination of tourmaline and ceramic, these products are regarded as a hybrid material. The product also ensures that it reaches numerous users by making the barrel size flexible and diverse, you can purchase additional barrel sizes that can be used with the product to achieve your curling goal.

It also features a well-regulated temperature system that allows the temperature to rise from 2600F to 4100F.

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