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What is the best mascara brush for you?

When you read comments on mascaras, generally you will see a lot of compaints about the product. That’s not always because of low quality mascaras, generally, it is because of choosing the mascara with a wrong brush. Each person has different kinds of lashes and naturally different goals with their lashes. There is no single magic brush for everyone. In this post, I will try to explain some types of mascara brushes.

Classic (General Purpose)

Let’s start with classic brushes. It is the most seen and easiest to use. It is a general purpose brush. It has a cylinder like shape, commonly, with a rounded end. This also called as rectangle if its end not rounded. If you don’t have special goal with your lashes you can go with that. Long part do the main task and rounded end help you with the corner lashes. It can be used for volume and seperation.

Hourglass (Volume)

As the name suggests, its shape like hourglass. If you want to create a sensation, this is the correct choice. It will provide to much volume, even they may be look falsies. It is used for volume.

Tapered/Cone (Length)

This brush is used for mainly length. Thanks to its thinner end, it will reach both ends in the corners. It will give some length to your tiny lashes too.

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Ball (Precision)

In fact this kind of brush not seen too much but you will realize when you see it. Its purpose is giving precision to your lashes. Its shape help you to access roots of the lashes. But it cannot be used alone because each time, it will apply small number of lashes.

Comb (Seperation)

This kind of brush works like an ordinary comb. If your goal is not volume or length but only seperating lashes it is a good choice for you. With weak lashes, you can get coat individual lashes easily.

Curved (Curl)

Its name is explaining its purpose and shape. It helps you to curve your lashes. But if you think it is enough to curve your lashes, you should think again. Without a eyelash curver, you will not get the result you want.

Skinny (Definition)

It is generally used for definition. It is again good for shorter lashes. Because of its thin structure, it reaches easily to corners and hard to reach lashes.

Fluffy (Thickening)

If your goal is thickening your lashes it is the correct choice. It gets a lot of substacles, thanks to its structure, and applies to lashes. So your lashes will be much thicker.

Now you know brush types and how they help. On your next mascara purchase, you can choose more appropriate one. If you experience the change with your selection, please comment and share with us.

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