What d’we Think Then, Topshop Makeup?

As much as I love a good Topshop (then again, who doesn’t?), when they came at us with their very own beauty range.. I wasn’t convinced. I mean, should a clothing retailer not just stick to what it does best? Now, don’t get me wrong, that skepticism wasn’t quite enough to hold me back – if you sell it, I’m just gonna have to buy it. But oh, how wrong I was. Low-range prices coupled with amazing quality and plenty o’ new releases, all delivered up in the cutest packaging you’ll ever see. We have ourselves some seriously droolworthy makeup here guys. Lesson learnt. Topshop, I’ll never question you again. And here you have it, the best of the bunch (in my little ol’ opinion, of course)..


So what do we have here then? Well, only some of the best cream blushers that you could ever hope for. Oh-so-adorable packaging aside and on to the main event – the texture of these is just spot on. Creamy yet effortlessly blendable but with an almost powdery finish on contact with the skin. Ensuring once applied, they won’t budge yet somehow remaining fresh and dewy looking throughout. Stippled on to the apples of the cheeks, either with your faithful stippling brush or (my preference) the RT Expert Face Brush, they’re positively dreamy and add just the right amount of flush to perk things up in the face department. In honesty, the powder blushers are all kinds of amazing as well. And the shade range? In a word, stunning. A beaut of a pink in the form of AFTERNOON TEA and a gorgeous peachy coral they call HEAD OVER HEELS (lovin’ these names btw) being my very favourites. Although, I could go on.. 


I desperately tried to narrow this down to just one lip product but who am I kidding? The lipsticks and lip bullets both deserve a little mention. Not only is the shade range across these babies second to none but they apply beautifully, last a fair few hours without touch-up and are so very pigmented. Even the mattes feel comfortable on the lips – always a much welcomed bonus. Whether you’re craving the deep berry goodness of the LIP BULLET IN WINE GUM or maybe a warm fuschia pink via their LIPSTICK IN BRIGHTON ROCK – they’ve got all bases covered. And a particular love of mine I must admit, is the coral-leaning and ever-flattering pinky nude hue that is LIPSTICK IN WHIMSICAL. Super matte and opaque without trying. What a beauty.


Of course, I’ve just gotta include their NAIL POLISHES as well. Swoon-worthy colour range? Check. That’s opaque in two coats? Check. And with decent lasting power? Check. The only difficultly you’ll have with these is picking a favourite..


And now, the grand finale – the stunner that is, the GLOW HIGHLIGHTER IN POLISH. You know, I stalked Topshop for many-a weeks to get my hand on this beauty and boy, am I glad I did. Actual perfection right there and totally worth the unsettled looks from Topshop staff during my daily pilgrimage. Not only is the texture of this cream highlighter completely to die for (we’re talking super soft and creamy), the shade is right up my street as well – a glorious pearly champagne with the only smallest amount of shimmer, it offers radiance and definition a-plenty (although there are a few different shades to choose from, fyi). Patted on and blended out with my fingers, it looks subtle yet stunning and catches the light so beautifully. Perfect on the cheekbones, down the nose, under the brows. In fact, any high points that you may discover along the way. Go crazy with this stuff, I know I do.

Topshop, you’re doin’ it right.

Any recommendations for me, I wonder?

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