ying yu jade facial roller

Short Review For Ying Yu Jade Facial Roller

We all know that stumbling across a product that’s receiving rave reviews on Cult Beauty always ends in you feeling the need to have said item. The YING YU JADE FACIAL ROLLER was, I admit, one of the more obscure gifts that I received for Christmas this year following some not-so-subtle hinting on my part and it claims to be like a full gym workout.. but for the face?

Jade is known for it’s healing properties and this combined with the deep massaging action is said to improve facial contours, tone your skin, reduce puffiness on those under eye bags and just generally get the blood flowing by working muscles that are usually neglected.

Using broad outwards and upwards sweeps from the centre of the face is the best way to work the roller and these motions work to literally push away the built-up toxins and fluid (method courtesy of several Googlings and YouTube videos).Every evening I spend anything between two to five minutes (even longer if I fancy it) rolling this across my face and working my way down to my neck. While it is absolutely fine to use the roller on clean dry skin, I find it really comes in to it’s own when used with a facial oil for that full-on pamper feeling (heaven after a long day).I can’t really comment on any long term effects just yet but what I do know is that not only do I look forward to and enjoy using this, I have noticed changes in my skin for the better. The dark circles under my eyes are less obvious, the skin around my jawline is much clearer and I feel like me and this roller have a long and happy relationship ahead of us.

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