Revlon Highlighting Palette

Revlon Highlighting Palette

While these may look a little (a lot) like the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, that really is where the similarity ends.


With the Bobbi Brown offerings ringing the till at £32.00 and these REVLON HIGHLIGHTING PALETTES coming in at just £8.99, we’re already on to a winner. But how do they fare? Although they look very shimmery in the pan, when applied these are definitely more pretty sheen than glittering disco ball (a la BB Shimmer Bricks, or is that just me?). Finely milled and very blendable, these are perfect for every day wear. Of the two shades to choose from, I opted for the gorgeous rosey pink version in the form of Rose Glow which for now, better suits my deathly pale winter skin.

Revlon Highlighting Palettes
Revlon Highlighting Palettes

My brush swept very lightly over the palette picks up just the right amount of product for a pretty and natural glow on the cheeks. That said, the colour can be built up if you’re looking for more. Texture wise, they’re very soft (almost powdery) and leave a lovely finish on the skin that lasts the day.
There are of course endless uses coming to mind for the 5 complimentary shades when used as separates – eyeshadow, highlighter, blush.. okay, maybe not endless but even so. I really cannot fault this for the price.
And to offer a beautiful golden glow to my face come summer, I can see that a purchase of the Bronze Glow version will be inevitable..

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