pink fizz t-zone bubble mask

Pink Fizz T-Zone Bubble Mask Review

This time a bit more excited because I have a bubble mask. Infact, I hate the bubbly noise, It makes me so mad but whenever I use a bubble mask, I feel my skin extremely moisturized. It just looks more clear, more clean, more glowy etc. etc. Today’s product is the “Pink Fizz T-Zone Bubble Mask” with sweet cherry extract and with a price more than five dollars.

Pink Fizz T-Zone Bubble Mask

Let’s get started. Instructions telling that basically make sure your face is washed, it does have a gentle exfoliating action bubbling effect and it says to use daily. Also telling that don’t use on your eyes, avoid the eye area, avoid the lip area. Obviously make sure that your skin is free from any makeup or any moisturizer.

I left in on my face for ten minutes. Infact, I don’t know it is correct duration but I could not find any information about that on the package. The important point is that it is T-Zone mask. It will cover only T-Zone. When you open the package, first you will realize the smell. The smell is one of the best face mask smell.

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When I applied it to my face, it doesn’t cover my nose exactly. But when it bubbled, it covered my all T-zone. There was a lot of remaining product in the package. I put it all over my face but I am not sure it is a good idea. As I said before, I kept it on my face for ten minutes. It looks really funny when all bubbled. It was easy to rinse, it was just foam but as I expected, my skin was glowing, my skin felt refreshed. It felt really great.

To sum up, I really satisfied with the result. But if you asked me that if I purchase this or not, most probably I will not buy this product. There are just other masks that are cheaper, I mean really cheaper and you can still get the similar results.

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