Osmosis Quench Review

Osmosis Quench

Hi everyone. I will review “Osmosis Quench” today. I have two different sizes of them. First one is 50ml and the second one is four times bigger, 200ml. If you like this product, you can choose one of them based on your usage amount and frequency. If you are using a pea size, twice a day, 50ml will last for three months. But If you use much more that you can go with 200ml. It will last more than six months. Texture on both sizes is same, so you can choose whichever you want.

While I was trying, first I put a small drop on my hand but it did its job really well. It was just one drop and it spread nearly all my arm. You don’t need a whole lot, It will spread really really well. The main, great point about “Osmosis Quench” is clearly how lightweight it felt. It feel nourishing but also light in term of scent. I found it’s refreshing. The ph of these products is the five. I found that it’s quick absorbent in my skin. While I was applying, it’s already pretty much gone. It just left my skin really silky and nourished.

If you find your skin kind of dull, this product will also give some shine and brilliance to your skin. I would say that this product is good for all the skin types. It could be aging sensitive, dry, even irritated, acne prone, oily. I think everybody would benefit of this moisturizer.

How should you use this moisturizer? Start with washing your face with the right cleanser, then you would apply all the serum. That you need and then you would finish with the moisturizer at night and during day time. I would suggest adding a sunblock after because this product doesn’t contain any sunblock ingredient neither spf nor zinc oxide.

Another thing that I love about these products, is the Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter). That’s in it, so it usually works for all skin type, even in case you have problems with acnes. I would be really careful with ingredients like dimethicone. That’s usually the big one. I don’t suggest for people that are acne prone and i’m really happy to say that quench doesn’t contain any dimethicone. So even with the Butyrospermum Parkii, even if you’re acne prone. This will work for you. The benefit of shea butter is definitely to restore that elasticity of your skin and it really protects your skin against the damage from the sun.

Another nice ingredient in it would be the jojoba seed oil. This ingredient will really help you balancing your oil production naturally. And also It does help to rebuild that epiderm. That’s so important, it also contains hydronic acid but a small particle. So it will actually get in your skin, not just sit at the surface.
It does provide amazing hydrating benefit and then your skin will really retain that hydration.

This product is a great combination between what’s worth being in a moisturizer and what should be left to your good treatment zero. In short, I would say that this product have seven different type of humectant and emollient. It also have collagen elastin, collagen stimulation ingredient and it does provide some great antioxidant for your skin. I do recommend this product for all skin type especially if you’re acne prone but still dry and irritated.

If you’re still acne prone and extra dry, I would definitely recommend adding a product like osmosis nourish. That’s an avocado oil that you can just add to your moisturizer to make it even more nourishing and even more like calming. If you’re extremely dry and sensitive, I would recommend combining quench with immerse really concerned about aging fine line and looking for that extra plumping moisturizer.

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