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On your wedding day, you want to look your best. You also want to be able to enjoy the day without worrying about makeup! This post will help you find the makeup that is right for you and what it should include. From bridal makeup, to a full coverage foundation, this blog post will have something for everyone in order make sure their makeup looks perfect on their wedding day!

Bridal Makeup

For bridal makeup, make sure that it is light enough for skin tone but still has coverage from closeups cameras and pictures will capture during the ceremony and reception. Use mostly creams and soft powders rather than liquid foundations since these tend to be better at staying put during the day.

It will have to be applied early in the morning. You want it to look good regardless of what happens or who sees you, so make sure you do your research on how best to apply everything! The ceremony itself should not cause too much stress as long as you keep foundation and powder nearby just in case any grease from sweat gets onto skin.

For makeup during the reception, you want to maintain your full coverage with a fresh coat of powder foundation and will need mascara, blush, and lipstick for touchups throughout the night! Foundation is especially important as it helps keep skin looking perfect regardless of how much pictures have been taken or if there are any other stresses on it that might cause breakouts.

As with any makeup application, avoid rubbing at your eyes if they are wet during a teary moment because this can lead to creases that won’t go away easily. It might help to hold an eye-shaped tissue close by for those moments where tears threaten!

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For lipstick, it’s important to remember that your wedding day is a special occasion. Even if you usually wear matte or long-lasting lipsticks, try finding a nice shiny gloss for this one night! It will not only give your lips some extra moisture but also offer more color options than what you might typically use during makeup application. You can find sparkles on top like glitter for an evening look or choose something simple with just shine so there is still time before cocktail hour starts!

Saving money is never easy when it comes to weddings but as with any other day of the year, make up can be expensive and time consuming. To cut down on costs, try buying an eyeshadow palette that has many different shades so you don’t have to buy individual ones one by one! The same goes for lipsticks. You might even want to look into liquid lipstick – this will give more coverage than traditional pencils without having to worry about being precise with application!

Wedding Makeup

For makeup for after the wedding, you’ll want to start by removing all traces of any waterproof makeup with a remover solution. (This can be done while on your honeymoon!) After this step is complete, wash your face and pat dry before applying moisturizer liberally over every inch of skin! This will help keep newly-wedded skin looking fresh and hydrated as it heals from the eventful day ahead. You might also find that taking off the makeup helps get rid of some residue and restore natural oils back into skin which can soothe irritated pores after having been blocked during makeup application.

Now you know how you should apply your makeup on your wedding day. Let’s dance and have some fun!

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