Makeup Brushes Series: Part 1

In this blog, besides than reviews, I am trying to provide you inclusive knowledge about beauty and makeup. You will fully grasp all of its aspects. One of the these aspects is makeup tools. To apply great makeup, you have to use correct tools and use tools correct. Many people thinks that their makeup is bad because their method is wrong or the product is low quality. But infact you are using just wrong tools.

In this post, I will mention about makeup brushes. It may seen that it is very basic tool. But when you have an understanding about brushes and start using correct brushes, you will not believe how it improves your makeup.

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Let’s start with the bristles. Brushes come with natural or synthetic bristles. Natural bristles are and made from animal hair and they are very soft. They are generally used with powder based products like blush, powder or eye shadow. These brushes provides natural application. Synthetic brushes, as opposite, made from nylon, polyester etc. These brushes are used best with creamy products. Because of its bristles’ firmness, they will help you to get precise results and you will apply your makeup easier.

While using powder based products, before applying it, you should tap gently your brush. So you will apply right amount of product.

Blush Brush:

To find to correct size of these brush you can check your apple of the cheek, they should cover all of it. They have to be soft. It is good to have natural bristles but you can, of course, if you prefer vegan products, choose one with the synthetic bristles. In this case, please be sure about that they are really soft. You can see a natural one with goat hair from here and the synthetic one from here. Characteristically, as you see in the sample links, these brushes have curved edges.

Bronzer Brush:

These brushes are very similar to blush brushes. And if you have to, they can be used interchangeably. In this case, please clean your brush between two application. They are distinguished from blush blushes with flat end. These brushes are also thicker and fuller. You must apply it by sweeping and pressing.

Brow Brush:

This brush is used for shadow application to brows. They have short and firm bristles, but it is not suggested to use 100% synthetic brushes, because they will apply colors like you want. In this example product, one side of the brush is brow brush.

Brow Grooming Brush:

This brush is for brow brushing. You can recognize it easily with its tootbrush like shape.

Concealer Brush:

This brush has short, firm but soft bristles. They have to be soft because it will be used under the eyes and this place is very sensitive. It is good to have one that synthetic bristles, it must move easily on the skin. Its end is tapered so it can access to inner corners of the eyes. You can see one of the my favorite concealer brush from here.

Eye Blender Brush:

This blender, as its name suggested, used for blending eye shadow. Their bristles are soft and tapered. They help to eliminate intersection lines between shades. These brushes are used to cover blemish. You can see a typical, vegan example of this brush on this link.

In the part 1, we have talked about six brushes. I strongly suggest that you should check examples of each brush and why they ared used for. In the next post for this series, we will continue with the new brush types.

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