kat von d good apple foundation

Kat Von D Good Apple Skin Perfecting Foundation Balm Review

Kat Von D Good Apple Foundation

Hello everyone, today i’m going to be reviewing the new Kat Von D good apple skin perfecting foundation balm. It is really nice to say its name. Let’s start with packaging. New packaging is definitely a big change from the previous packaging. This is just like a clear simple packaging. It does feel really nice and lightweight which is cool. Package is fully recyclable with no mirror magnets or metals. it’s made from  recycled plastic which is good for the environment.

Good Apple Foundation
Kat Von D Good Apple Foundation

Let’s go ahead with the product itsef. It feels really creamy. You will get immediate pigmentation, it will provide a lot of coverage. Touching it and blending it is incredibly lightweight and buttery and creamy. It just feels so nice and natural. Before we jump into application, I do want to note that this is a full coverage foundation, the finish is matte. The formula is cream and it’s infused with sodium hyaluronate which hydrates the skin. So good for the planet, good for your skin.

Good Apple Foundation

Good Apple skin-perfecting Foundation BalmĀ 

On this post, I picked the shade light 15. In fact, on the packaging it looks a little bit lighter. I applied it with my foundation brush. What I felt first is that I got really nice intense pigmentation. It was like quite a bit of foundation. It’s covering, it’s covering everything which I really appreciated it. Of course it doesn’t have as much full coverage as the locket foundation by Kat Von D but I mean it looked beautiful. It definitely feels and looks hydrating, It’s not heavy even though It’s a bomb, It’s not feeling heavy. It’s actually feeling really lightweight.

I had no trouble blending it into my face. I feel like it’s sitting on my skin very beautifully. I had a blemish and this Kat Von D Apple Balm totally covered that up. So i don’t need concealer it did all of the work for me. It also provide full coverage to my hormonal acnes.

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Good Apple Foundation

To sum up, applying the new kat von d good apple skin perfecting balm, like I said before, I really love the luminosity, I like that it gave me full coverage and that I didn’t struggle whatsoever with putting this on my face and i feel like the warmth of my skin. It just made the foundation even better, it made it its greatest self. My very matte bronzer applied beautifully onto the good apple balm and I’m just overall so incredibly pleased and happy and i gotta say Kat Von D knocked it out of the ballpark with this one it’s worth your bucks.

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