Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Eyeshadow Palette

Jawbreaker Palette Review

Who doesn’t like colors? All we love them. Come on take a look at this beauty. Today, I will review Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Eyeshadow Palette. Ok, some people love soft colors, but I think they want to hear some words about this palette too.

This palette is the best palette Jeffree Star has ever made. I felt in love this product in the day it was introduced. Yes it is a bit pricy (at the time of post, there is 17% discount in the link above) but if you like colorful makeups, it is a gift from heaven. It will inspire you to try many eye makeup. It is also vegan.

With this palette you will have twenty four shades, seven of them are metallic and others matte. Each shade contains 1.50g/0.05 oz of product.

First, I need to say that I really like its packaging. It has a magnet to make opening and closing easy. And it comes with a huge mirror. In fact, it is good to apply better make up. But if you will carry this palette with you, It may be a bit problematic. It will not fit many makeup bags. Its pan is white, that also helps its nice look. It is also cleaned easily, so white color will not be a problem for you.

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When you open the palette you will see bright colors, literally. While applying you will see a lot of pigment and it is applying very nicely. And also it is not grabbing onto skin, so it’s very easy to remove. They fell realy soft. Pigmentation of the shades are wonderful, and it is really easy to blend. But shades are creating too much dust, and they are all going over the pan. I mention about white pan, so you can imagine it with lots of dust.

In the end, Packaging and shades are great, just you will have some dust on your pan. I can say that if you like colorful makeups and like trying new things, this palette is absolutely for you.

All I can say about this palette is that. I hope you enjoy my review, please comment below if you have some other experiences with this palette.

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