Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara Review

In the Reviews Series, We will talk about Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara. It is a bit high price mascara but infact it is coming with two mascara in one package. It has two formulas and two brushes at the same package. One brush is curved and other brush is tapered. If you don’t have knowledge about brush types, I highly recommend you to read our another article about brush types.

What is the best mascara brush for you?

By the way I really liked the curved brush, tapered brush is the standard.

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Let’s go back to our review. I mentioned that it is a bit high priced. So we will see if it is worth or not. As you see in the picture below, it is bigger than ordinary mascara and It makes me a bit mad while using it. On the two sides of mascara, it is written that which mascara will be used for which goal. On one side Volume and on the other side Length & Curl. While applying mascara, I didn’t use any other lash comb etc. So we can see that if it really works like they claim.

First I used Length & Curl, it doesn’t make much difference. It did what is expected from it. While applying some of my lashes sticked together. But It was no problem for the moment. My lashes were not fuller yet. Then I applied Volume side with a tapered brush. This time it really made a change on my lashes. Even in first coating my lashes started to touch my eyebrows. I am not joking, literally they were touching. They also started to look fuller. When I completed applying, result was better than ordinary mascara.

Despite the good result without lash comb or any other product, this mascara is not for me because of its spidery result. But If you like high volume, falsie like lashes, you can give it a try with this mascara.

Let’s talk about its price a bit. It may be look it is a bit pricy but its two mascara has 8.5ml formula. This amount is the same with generally with other single mascaras. And you don’t have to use both mascaras together, you can choose based on your needs. Because of these, saying it is pricy will be wrong. To sum up, if you like spidery lashes, this mascara will make his job quite well.

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