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How To Apply Concealers – Tips & Tricks

It is really important what you’re concealing while choosing a concealer colour. If it’s beneath your eyes, concealer selection should be lighter, like one or two shades than your base tone. If you use a moderate degree of coverage concealer to conceal beneath the eyes, this would be the case. For dark circles that are gray or greenish, you must first neutralize the color before concealing them. As a result, use peaches to neutralize the purple beneath the eye, then brighten the look beneath the eye with a, one to two shades brighter than skin color, concealer.

If you’re concealing a blemish, important point is to match the concealer shade to the foundation shade, it is clear that you want to conceal and cover the blemish, not reveal it. Therefore, it is important not to pick a concealer shade that is lighter than your skin tone, since you do not want to attract attention to your pimples. You must hide them completely. Therefore, a very good tip when using an under eye concealer is that if you have some darkness, first neutralize the pigment before applying concealer. Since we always apply concealers of the same colour as our skin color, which results in an ashy appearance under the eye. Therefore, it’s important to neutralize the shade first with a peach tone corrector and then add a concealer in your shade or one to two shades lighter than your skin tone on top.

Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer

A very useful tip is to determine the colour of the veins. Thus, if they are orange, you are more of a warm tone, and if they are blue, you are more of a cold tone. When selecting a concealer for your skin type, particularly if you have oily skin, you want to look for one that is oil-free and has a long wear time so it does not slip. If you have dry eyes, you’ll want to opt for a concealer that contains hydrating ingredients. Therefore, those that are packed with skin care advantages would be ideal for dry skin.

When it comes to picking a concealer for mixed skin, it’s more about the area you’re concealing. Therefore, if you want to mask your cheek section, which is sometimes dry with combination skin, you can aim for a concealer with hydrating properties. If you want to conceal in your T-zone field, look for an oil-free formula that has a long wear time and won’t budge during the day. Thus, concealers are not limited to concealing or concealing. Therefore, by using concealer as a highlighter, you want to focus entirely on highlighting the best qualities.

Applying Concealer

Another excellent suggestion is to use this doe foot applicator. The flat side helps you to hide and brighten vast parts of the face, while the pointed end enables you to conceal certain particularly difficult areas, such as the inner corner of the eyes and just above the cupid’s bow. Therefore, when concealing blemishes, it is important to use the proper tool to add the concealer. You don’t want to use your finger because our fingers contain natural oils which can constantly pick up product from the blemish. Therefore, you want to use a brush, such as a silicone brush, that will apply the cream directly and precisely over the blemish. However, when highlighting with concealer, it’s ideal to use your fingertips, as the strength of your fingers makes the product blend into the skin, giving you the airbrushed look. Thus, the only way to avoid creasing under the eye when applying concealer is to add an eye cream prior to applying concealer. However, you must leave some time for the eye cream to absorb before applying the concealer.

Alternatively, you may use a formula that is dual-ended, combining a cream and a concealer. Therefore, when applying concealer underneath the eye, it is ideal to add a thin triangle beneath the eye. Therefore, put it down slightly on the cheek. Additionally, it is important to avoid applying concealer all the way to the lower lash line. This has the effect of closing the eyes. Therefore, if you want to be more awake and have bigger pupils, it’s important to keep it away from the bottom lash line. If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up in the afternoon, rather than reapplying the whole concealer, I prefer to dab a little amount of concealer right at the corner of the cheek, which instantly raises it. What you need is a little marker, which you can blend in. This is an excellent trick for brightening the eye field

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Another excellent trick for concealing under the skin is to combine the concealer and eye cream. You’re going to get the extra bonus of the eye cream; it’s going to help prevent your concealer from creasing and also give you the wide open, more hydrated, new look. As you can see, concealer can appear very natural when used properly and with the appropriate techniques and formulations for your skin tone.

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