Find The Perfect Mascara

Find the Perfect Mascara

Mascara is a must for me and an integral part in the daily transformation that takes my morning face (which in fact resembles a thumb) to something with actual and definite features. However being the fickle beauty buyer than I am and in the quest to find the perfect mascara (lengthening, thickening, volumising.. of course we want it all), I must admit I have sampled my fair share. That being said, there are a handful that I do just keep going back to..

Applying Mascara
Applying Mascara

My Best Of Mascaras


I so desperately wanted my ‘holy grail’ mascara to be from the drugstore.. and it was, until of course I tried this and decided that the grass was much greener. Incredibly volumising but not at all clumpy, extremely lengthening yet still able to hold a great curl and in the blackest black formula that there is, all delivered by their unique brush (snowflake-shaped discs positioned along the wand, so I’m told). You’re left with the most beautifully perfected lashes and not a hint of smudging or flaking in sight – even on 15-hours-at-the-office-eyes, which is surely miracle in itself? I do try to keep this mascara aside for when I need the very best lashes (isn’t the cheapest after all) but I must admit that I do find it creeping in to rotation more than it probably should. This is easily the best mascara that I have found to date and though I continue the search for something even better, this will have my heart. Okay, swoon over.


The original L’Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara was always a longstanding favourite of mine and the one I’d turn to if ever in need of just right lashes (you know, every day).. until of course, Chanel stole me away. Obviously this soon became a very expensive habit and I decided to make peace with my old friend.. so imagine my shock when it came to be discontinued. The L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara (*breathe*) claims to be the replacement for the original and while they’re not exactly the same (the new version brings with it a much curvier, bendy and more bristled brush as opposed to its predecessor’s square shape and fewer but much thicker bristles.. equals less volume although more lengthening?), it really is superb and a complete staple for me.


Having owned a few of the Maybelline mascaras in the past and not thinking much of them, I didn’t have particularly high hopes for this one for me despite all it’s hype. I was wrong. The flexible and slightly curved wand ensures that all lashes are grabbed and attended to while ‘fanning’ them out and providing a decent curl that really opens up the eyes. Great volume, good length, not too clumpy and lasts well – it really does give my puny lashes some oomph. Maybe not quite to the extent of them being mistaken for falsies, but I do really like this.


And last but not least, I must include this fibre-based mascara by a brand that was previously unknown to me. The Magnetic Lash is a two-product-three-step process that involves applying ‘mascara number 1’ followed by ‘the lash builder number 2’ and again with the ‘mascara number 1’. It really does take your lashes to the next level (as in, do expect to be asked if you’ve had lash extensions). Definitely not for everyday as it is much more faffy than your standard mascara (we’re talking twice the length of time to apply at least), but if you’re looking to make a statement for a special occasion then this could be the one to do it.

The drugstore really does seem to bring it when it comes to mascaras, but after hearing many good things about the CLINIQUE HIGH IMPACT MASCARA I have a feeling that could be the next port of call.. unless you can recommend anything else for me to try?

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