Espoir Lipstick Nowear Shine

Espoir Lipstick No Wear Shine Preview

Do I make an impression on you? 🙂 I’ve got a fresh article for you. Today I’m going to tell you about my experience with Espoir’s “Lipstick Nowear Shine.” I experimented with all five colors, and you’ll get a sense of what they’re like. All five colors are non-sticky and have a fresh, natural appearance. All of them were checked with and without lip makeup. As a result, picking a color will be easy for you.

Espoir No Wear

The lipstick has a rather luxurious coverage. They have printed their brand name “espoir” on the lipstick’s cover and inside the tube. It’s the transparent mask, which allows you to see the exact color of each one. The colors seem to be very new and delicate. I didn’t find the colors to be overpowering. I carefully cleaned over the colors with a cotton cloth, and almost all of the colors are gone.

Espoir No Wear Shine

I started with “Tickled Pink.” It’s a bright pink, identical to “Peach Melba,” except much pinker. I’d suggest it’s best for those with cool skin tones. Over the season, you should carry it on a regular basis. In this colour, I feel more delicate and sweet than a powerful girl. If you apply more layers, the gloss and paint would look clearer. This can be seen on both bare and made-up lips.

Apricot Brandy

“Apricot Brandy” is the second. It’s apricot-colored dried apricot, identical to coral except a little pinker. I enjoyed this color because it made me feel young and new. It has a very different appearance from both sides. The apricot is brighter on the makeup lip. I preferred to use this paint on bare lips. It’s appropriate for regular people searching for a lip colour. This is one of the better colors you can choose from.

Espoir No Wear
Five colors of Espoir Lipstick No Wear Shine

“Bare Mandarine” is the next one. It has a coral color to it. It’s also one of my own favorites from the set. It has a lot of vitality and is really new. The glossier and more juicy this color became when I added it to my lips. It seemed to be very different from both sides. The coral colour appears pinky on the lipstick cheeks. The bare lips, on the other side, seem to be a little crimson. It’s a really picky color, in my opinion. It’s appropriate for anyone who already looks amazing in coral.

Peach Melba

The next one is “Peach Melba,” which is a young peach color. My first experience of this lipstick was that it was smooth and sticky. It’s a shiny lipstick, so it’s not too heavy, uncomfortable, or oily for my liking. When you use it, you’ll notice a significant change between wearing no lip makeup and wearing lip makeup. The colour seems to be peach nude when applied to the lips. It looked great with the natural lip, I thought it was moist, and it gave me a delicate look.

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Hug Me Fig

“Hug Me Fig” is the last one. It has a fig pulp tint to it. It seems pink, but there is a hint of brown in it. This color appealed to me because it is a really neutral color. It’s not too dull or garish, and if you’re shopping for a lip balm, this is the one to buy. The brown in this color becomes sharper on the bare lips.

That’s all five shades from Espoir’s Lipstick Nowear Shine collection. I hope this article was helpful in deciding on a color. We’ll see you in the next review. 🙂

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