So this probably isn’t the most exciting of products, right? Hang in there. While clear mascara isn’t fancy or sexy or particularly lusted after, I do believe it’s something to get excited about. So much so, that the ELF CLEAR BROW & LASH MASCARA $3 might actually find itself very close to the top of my most repurchased list. Not that such a list exists, but you know. I do go through this stuff at a rate of knots and always go back for more..

Despite best efforts in training them to grow to my desired shape, my brows just won’t play ball. There’s very little in the way of an arch, the front bits seldom seem to grow at all and then there’s plenty of hairs that are just plain unruly. Please tell me I’m not alone? But love them or not, you just have to work with what you’ve got. 

Either worn by itself or with a little brow shadow underneath (for those that are a little lacking in that region, sigh), a quick swipe of the wand through my brows will set them for the day. Seriously. They don’t budge. Having tried many-a brow gel through the years, I’m thoroughly convinced that this little offering delivers all that the higher end options can and maybe then some. Sure. I have tried other drugstore gels and found myself left with brows as crispy as an iceberg lettuce but using this, that’s really not the case. It ensures just the right amount of product is distributed along the brows to hold them in place, without a crunch in sight. 

You’ll no doubt have noticed that this mascara is in fact duel-ended – with one side labelled for brow use and the other for lashes. Perfect for those no-makeup makeup days when somethin’ subtle is what you’re craving. Equally, you might fancy this on your bottom lashes if you’re after a smidgen of definition down there and your standard mascara is proving a little too heavy. I’ll be honest. With mascara, it’s all or nothing for me. Go dark or go home. But all is not lost. As the product is seemingly identical on either end, I’ll just stick to my brows for both please.

What d’ya think? Brow mascara, yay or nay?

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