DipWell Nail Kits And Some Application Tricks

In recent months, we hear about DipWell more and more. Using dipping systems at home is getting more popularity each day. So today, we will talk about DipWell. But before going further, I think it is good to learn what the dip powder is.

What is dip powder?

Dip powder is an indermediate product between acrylic and gel. It is used for nail enhancement with glazes together. You can use it with natural nail or a fake tip. You have a lot of dip powder color, so you can use your creativity. Its application thinner and natural than acrylic, but at the same time still durable. And we can say that it is less allergic than acryclic. They are used with glazes. It is easy to apply with some practices. And if you have a good application, they will last three or four weeks. You can see an example product here, different brand than DipWell, Kiara Sky.

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So What is DipWell?

DipWell is a brand and store that provides you dipping powders, liquids, accessories and the important one dipping system kits. You can start with a starter kit. These kits contains whatever you need while applying dipping system. You can also create your own bundle or buy products individually. Items in the kits are numbered, and kits have guidelines so you will be able to apply it easily.

Their products are vegan and cruelt free. They are also produced in U.S. One important point before buying their products, they have very strict refund policy and they are not tend to refund generally. So if you have an allergy, or you think it is possible you have, you should check their products’ ingredients before buying to not throw your money.

Tips & Tricks

They provides guidelines with the kits but I want to add some more tips & tricks. So you will have better and easier applications.

  • While applying dip powder, you should apply it first far from the cuticle and then get closer on each layer. So there won’t be bulk application near the cuticle.
  • You should thin coats for everything.
  • You should brush always parallel to the nail.
  • Keep dip powder bucket at 45 degree while applying it.
  • Wash your hands before application and wait until they are completely dry.
  • It is suggested that you must complete your dominant hand first. But it maybe change person to person.

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