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Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Review

Greetings to everybody and a hearty welcome back to my website! Today I’m back with a swatch review of a high-end lipstick! And today’s product is a Dior Addict Lip Tattoo! This range comes in fairly straightforward packages, with the colour of the packaging matching the lipstick tone. It is very robust and substantial as well. The cap is particularly clean; even after extended usage, the liquids will not be spilled. While the applicator seems thin, it is capable of picking up a sufficient amount of substance and is therefore simple to apply.

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo

Dior Lip Tattoo

Dusty Orange 421

The first colour, 421, is a dusty orange that is one of my favorites. This shade is the ideal marriage between brown and orange. I frequently wear this color without makeup because it is so easy to apply. I believe that this shade is appropriate for anyone of mild to medium skin tones. This is indeed an excellent formulation. I adore this Lip Tattoo in particular because it is very cooling. The lipstick feels great on the lips and spreads really uniformly. Additionally, it has a subtle plumping effect that is extremely normal and flattering. Although it does not last as long as Dior said, it does last quite a while. If you eat a large meal, it can disappear considerably. However, a light snack would suffice!

Bright Pink 551

Following that is 551, a bright pink that, if not granted, I will never try. I was surprised when I used it on my hand because it resembles the school’s highlighter. However, it may not have the same surprising effect on the mouth‚Ķ phew Even though this is not the lipstick I’d use on a daily basis, I’ll always use it for special occasions. This colour has the potential to darken the skin and teeth, so be cautious! These shades of hot pink would look great on fair skin. And those that have a tanned complexion‚Ķ Please proceed.

Neon Orange 641

The next color is 641, which I imagined to be a neon orange. However, it reveals itself to be an orange coral that is extremely flattering and adorable. These hues are suitable for use without makeup! For those of you who, like me, are still in classes, this may be used to brighten your smile. Due to the brightness of this hue, it is well suited for people with light to medium skin tones. Those with tanned skin should be mindful that it will not be as attractive.

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Brick Red 541

Following that is 541, another color that I sometimes use. This is a brick red that is very flattering and very simple to apply. This shade can complement all skin tones. One layer is ideal for school or daily use. While a full lip is ideal for a case, it is also ideal for everyday wear!

Strawberry Red 661

Finally, there is 661, a strawberry red that is suitable for any occasion. While it might seem to be a simple color, it is suitable for any occasion! These shades may even be worn without makeup!

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