Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil Review

My skin really doesn’t need an excuse to get oily and so I’ve always been very wary of using anything that might encourage it. For years, I always found myself attracted to the more harsh products that would strip my skin of oils (as well as any other life whatsoever I imagine) but eventually came to realise that this was just making the situation worse. Like anyone who suffers with oily skin, the thought of putting even more oil on to my face was terrifying but once you’re past the initial madness, the thought process behind it really is quite logical. Apparently applying a facial oil convinces your skin that it’s done it’s job in producing enough itself and thus, just calms everything down and helps to create a balanced complexion.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil
Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil


Enter, CLARINS LOTUS FACE TREATMENT OIL for oily/combination skin, (one of three facial oils by Clarins, each targeted to a specific skin type). Containing a completely natural, antioxidant-rich blend of rosewood, geranium, lotus and hazelnut oil that refines fine lines and pores as well as retaining moisture in the skin. While the oil is fairly heavily scented, it’s not unpleasant and is very reminiscent of being at a spa or something equally luxurious (which can never be a bad thing, right?).

The oil is very light and absorbs quickly, never feeling weighty or uncomfortable on the skin. I apply just after the serum-element of my evening skincare routine and follow with my usual night cream (one more step in the process can’t hurt). The dropper is perfect for ensuring just the right amount of product and you literally need only one or two drops of this stuff, a little goes a very long way. You might even want to give yourself a mini facial massage while you’re applying if you have a spare 5 minutes..

In the mornings I tend to wake with an oily face (nice) but after applying this, my skin actually looks normal when I wake. Not only that, but it stays normal. My makeup seems to apply better and I barely have the need to touch up or blot at all during the day – before I’d just about make it to lunch time before the oil began to creep through. This really does work wonders. My skin is less oily than ever and it’s definitely found it’s way to being a staple in my routine.

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