benefit hervana ft cohorted

Benefit Hervana Ft Cohorted

Y’know that beauty-shoppin’ website, Cohorted – you’ve heard of em, right? Yeah? Surely? I mean, they’re getting some serious love all over the shop just lately. You can’t have missed it. And you know what? All that love is for good reason, I say. After all, there is only one thing that’s better than makeup. And that guys, is discounted makeup. 


In fact, those of you that do know all about it – well, you really won’t need me to tell you just how awesome it is. All kinds of awesome, that is. But if you that haven’t seen them around (um, where ya been?), it’s basically a one-a-week drop (every Monday at 6pm – go, run, set the alarm) to snag a serious saving on only the most completely-coveted and positively-droolworthy beauty brands and releases that there is. Fully dreamy yet entirely dangerous in equal measures – ie the most perfect recipe for beauty shopping, obviously.


We’re talkin’ the likes of Urban Decay, MAC, Real Techniques, Smashbox and even this BENEFIT HERVANA A GOOD KARMA FACE POWDER to name just a few. I think I even spied a little D&G on there the other day too. Er, yes please. But even better still, the more people that want each particular item (and oh, they will), the better the discount they offer ya. Trust me, I’ve bagged myself many-a deal via that site of late. Let’s say, the brand-spanking Naked Basics 2 palette.. for 15 quid? Un-real. It’d be plain rude not to really. But don’t just take my word for it you lot. Go, check em out – I dare ya? Well, to leave there empty-handed that is..

Okay. So I think I’d be hard-pressed to find even one of you guys that hadn’t at least seen these adorable box-o blushers around before now, yes? Their packaging, individual yet entirely unmistakable. I mean, could they be any more hyped if they tried? Nah, I didn’t think so either. In fact, I dare say most of you are oh-so-familiar with this particular range; you could probably name them all by heart given the chance. Well, I’d certainly give it a good go anyway. From Coralista to Dallas, Sugarbomb to Georgia – each so very distinct but each a cult classic in their own right. And as for Hervana? No different. I mean, that cloud-laden-heaven-inspired print can only ever mean one thing, after all. At least when it comes to the makeup counter, anyway..

Benefit Hervana a Good Karma Face Powder
Benefit Hervana a Good Karma Face Powder

But speaking of packaging – this baby, as with the others, does pretty much tick all boxes (ya geddit?). Light as a feather, completely convenient and pretty ideally shaped for storing too, fyi. Now, the cube itself is formed completely of reinforced cardboard (but of course, you all know that, right?) – so unfortunately and as you’d imagine, it can all get a little scruffy over time from being chucked around in the ol’ makeup bag. But hey, certainly nothing I’d lose any sleep over. That aside, the newer versions do actually come with a hinged mirror-laden lid as opposed to one that lifts off altogether as they used to – which if you’re anything like me, makes life (and not losing them) a whole lot easier.

Not only that though, but the little angled brushes that they all come accompanied with ain’t half bad either. Seriously, give them a chance. Okay. Now don’t get me wrong, for applying actual blusher – they’re (in my opinion) pretty awful. A disaster, even. Their shape just ain’t doing it for me, or my chops. But as a travel-friendly contour companion? Well – that same tapered shape just makes em perfect. So all’s well that ends well, I guess.

Lucky Shell, Divine Peach, Berry Delight

Now when it comes to the shade itself – well, Hervana really ain’t your average kinda blusher. And, most definitely not a face powder. Not by a long shot. Although described as a ‘soft orchid-blossom flush’ (whatever that is), you’re in reality faced with a softly swirled pinwheel-esque selection of no fewer than four very separate but cleverly complimentary hues. And boy, what a line up. There’s Lucky Shell (being the palest beige of the bunch with a hint of satiny shimmer), Divine Peach (a warmed golden peach with just a smidgen of sheen), Heavenly Rose (the softest shimmered rosy peach that you could really ever hope for) and Berry Delight (well, a berry-pinky-plum with that same kinda shimmer making an appearance once again). Right. You got me. You’d likely have a hard time using each of these shades on their own I imagine.

I mean, they’re tiny. Unless of course, you’ve got a hella good eye and a whole lot of patient. You’d maybe have better luck finding use for them as single eyeshadow shades though, perhaps? Who knows, go crazy. But fear not, when swirled together, this combo delivers up the most deliciously subtle suit-all candy-peachy-pink of a flush you ever did see. Not chalky, not ashen, not nothing. Texture? Check. Wear time? Oh, check. And while there is more than just a hint of shimmer along for the ride with this one, you needn’t worry – it does in fact appear a lot more muted on the cheeks that the pan would suggest. More glowy, less frosty and just how I like it – though all without emphasising those dreaded pores. And when you’ve got a pile of pores as big as mine are? Well, that really is a deal maker (or breaker) right there.

So if you know me, you’ll likely know that my default face generally (always) consists of a big ol’ bold lip and a strong liner flick. Maybe even with the odd smokey eye thrown in for good measure if I’ve got a spare 5 minutes to kill. I guess I just know what I like, and that’s exactly it. So with that in mind, you might appreciate why an obvious colour on the cheeks as well would almost certainly lead me to cross the line from acceptable all the way in to tragic territory. Been there, done that. Not a pretty sight. But with a mug as thumb-like as mine (‘fraid so), I can’t exactly afford to skip on a little sculpting in that region either. And that, is exactly where this blusher comes in to it’s own.

Low-key, sheer and flattering yet nowhere near distracting, it really does sit back and let the rest of your makeup bask in the attention. In fact, pigmentation is the last thing you need to worry about when you’re throwing this stuff on – it’d really be near impossible to overload (and believe me, I tried). I’m thinking it especially ideal for any of you blush-beginners or heavy-handeds out there, yes? Of course, it can quite easily be layered up for something a little more striking and intense if ya fancied too. But hey, I’ll leave that one up to you. It’s the very best of both worlds and yeah, you guessed it – I’m smitten.

So go on, what’s your very favourite Benefit blusher? And I wonder, do you lot love Cohorted as much as I do (y’know, if that’s at all possible)?

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