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Apply Perfect Eyeliner Easily

Sometimes applying eyeliners might be a nightmare. Today I will answer 4 questions, and I am sure you will do great after this post.

What type of eyeliner you prefer?

I generally prefer the gel eyeliner. Of course there are many types of it, like liquid, glittered etc. You can use others if you feel more comfortable with one of the others.

Why is my eyeliner not well and the end of it is not right?

I will try to explain my way how I apply it good. You should start accepting that applying eyeliner is very easy. Usually people trying to apply the eyeliner with one stroke from beginning to end. Really, you don’t need to do that. First, find a good point in front of the mirror so you can see clearly. Begin adding the eyeliner at the highest point of the eyelid. This is the location; this is the initial stroke. The part where the eyeliner can be thicken is here. The more amateur you are, the smaller lines you make. First line can even be a dot. And then, second, third, forth, fifth, continue to the inner side. Instead of doing only one stroke, do small lines inside. Then, make the line go outwards. Finally, make small lines from your eyelash’s end going all the way to the up to make your eyeliner tail visible. Come to the inside with small dots and fill it. If you do this three, four or five times for ten days you can see that you will achieve a good eyeliner.

Why do you prefer gel eyeliner?

Because it lasts longer than the others. And it has an opaque look. But if you want a shiny look, you can use deep liner or a liquid eyeliner.

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How can I fix If the eyeliner is too thick or the tails don’t match?

There is no need to clear all the eyeliner. They can go up and down or it can be unclear. You can get help from an under eye concealer or a brush. Just make a line going upwards from the eyeliner. Fix it with a brush or cotton swab. You can make it clear and you can clean it. If you want to clean it don’t wipe the whole thing. That way you can clean the tail slowly. You can fix it, make it thinner. This is very easy to do, don’t wipe the whole thing. You can fix it and make little details.

Maybe you can think that all these is not easy, but If you apply these for 10 days, you will see how you improve and apply eyeliner great. Please leave comment if you apply perfect.

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