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Like most, I plucked my eyebrows to oblivion throughout my early teenage years – we all did do it, right? In fact, I’m fairly sure I rocked brows formed of just 3 hairs a-piece for a while. I know, not a good look for anyone. Alas, I’ve learnt my lesson guys and in recent years have allowed the poor things to grow out somewhat. And boy, have they sprouted back with a vengeance. Yet despite leaving them to rule the roost, my brows just won’t play ball. There’s very little in the way of an arch, the front bits barely grow at all and whilst there’s plenty of hairs that are just plain unruly, there are many-a sparse patch to note as well. They really aren’t the best, but you just gotta work with what you’ve got. Now don’t get me wrong, there have been many products and many fails along the way – angry bird eyebrows, anyone? But since settling myself on a routine that I quite enjoy, I’ve received a fair amount of brow-related attention from you lovely lot.. so I must be doing something right, yes?


First up, I get the ball rolling with a quick comb through of the ol’ brows. Nothing special, just up at the front followed by a good sweep across to the arch (if you can call it that) and then down and along the um.. little end bit? All very technical there. Of course, very-cautiously culling any stray hairs along the way with my beloved TWEEZERMAN SLANT TWEEZERS. I get that these aren’t the cheapest, but they’re seriously amazing. An investment piece, if you will? And now, on to the fun bit.

The product I generally reach for next will be a brow pencil. Easy peasy. And as much as I could be tempted to just draw a decent pair of brows on myself at this point, I’m careful not to alter their shape too much. Simply refining what’s already there if anything, so that they remain nice and natural looking – I hope. Kicking off with a little definition on my almost-arch and extending out a bit. Before then getting to work on the rest of em by filling with tiny strokes, until I’m content with the shape that I’m left with. 


My product of choice, I hear you ask? Well, I just love the HOURGLASS ARCH BROW SCULPTING PENCIL. It’s wax-meets-powder formula glides on with ease and the colour, Soft Brunette is pretty spot on as well. Although it’s clear I’m nowhere near to brunette myself, this shade is truly the epitome of brow-perfection – neither too warm nor too cool. It’s flawless. And while the unique triangular nib is thicker and more angled than most, it’s honestly so easy to use and not only offers plenty by way of definition and precision, it leaves you with the natural-looking yet fuller brows that actual dreams are made of. And I can quite literally throw them on in minutes with this. 
But if you can’t


 justify that kind of price tag, the SLEEK EYEBROW STYLIST is a pretty good alternative. It’s matte taupey undertones keep the whole thing looking soft and natural, all while adding the body you crave. My only niggle? The slightly wider tip does make precision a little harder to achieve in a rush. But at that saving, I ain’t complaining. 


And it doesn’t stop there. On days when I have a bit of extra time on my hands, I’ll go in with a brow shadow. Either alongside the pencil or to mix things up a bit, completely instead of. While MAC EYESHADOW IN ESPRESSO and OMEGA are old faithfuls of mine (depending on my hair colour at the time, obvs) a recent love has been found in ILLAMASQUA BROW CAKE IN MOTTO. A pigmented taupe with strong greyish undertones? Yes please. In fact, it’d be the perfect shade for all you blondes out there that struggle to find a good colour match in the brow department. Steering well clear of any red or brassy undertones, it’s just a dream. Used wet/with seal (for a stronger finish) or dry on an angled brush, it blends beautifully. And you know, the lasting power is faultless. Faking individual hairs isn’t so easy with this but your brows will be left super sculpted, yet ever-so-natural if you can put a smidgen of effort in. Still. Even if it is all a bit of a faff, it’s totally worth it. 


Which leads me nicely on to the newest addition to my brow arsenal, the ANASTASIA DIP BROW POMADE IN BLONDE. A.k.a my weekend brows. Now Anastasia never disappoints when it comes to brow products (their BROW WIZ is another favourite of mine fyi). And this beauty of a gel-mousse is no exception. Applied again with an angled brush, once set this stuff will budge for no one. My oily skin has finally met it’s match and it even holds it’s own against the occasional brow itch. Although this stuff is seriously pigmented (I blot off excess on to the back of my hand before application to avoid brow-overload), the creamy formula makes it effortlessly easy to blend and work with. It’s ah-mazing. Besides, every day deserves to be a good brow day, right?


And finally (if you’re still with), I run the old spoolie back through my slugs to soften them down again, before setting with my much-raved-about ELF LASH AND BROW CLEAR GEL. And there you have it, bang on brows in less time than it took you to read this. I promise.

What d’ya think? What are your brow favourites?

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