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I blogged my first dalliance with the brand that is MUA recently and while it definitely wasn’t love at first sight with their Mosaic Blush (definitely not a blush, ahem) it of course sparked my interest in trying one or two (or five) more of their products out for size. Benefit of the doubt and all, they really are very affordable. So here we go – the good, the bad and the just-plain-ugly..


Another day, another highlighter. And I must say, the embossing on the UNDRESS YOUR SKIN SHIMMER HIGHLIGHTER is particularly pretty especially considering the price point. It really does translate to the most beautiful frosty champagne pink on the skin as well, despite verging on metallic-shimmer-overload in the pan (phew, I was terrified). Although pigmented, it applies fairly sheer (unless you’re really packing it on, of course) adding a subtle glow to the face that sticks around all day. The texture is maybe slightly more coarse than other highlighters but it certainly doesn’t hinder a smooth application. Yep, I’m impressed. Oh, and the packaging is much sturdier than the Mosaic Blush. Although I’m still not sure if I’d trust letting it loose in my bag..


A matte liquid lipstick? Oh, go on then. Here we have, the LUXE VELVET LIP LACQUER IN RECKLESS and naturally, the shade KOOKY just had to happen as well. Both colours are very striking, Reckless in the form of a blue-based red and Kooky, a gorgeous deep plum purple. As with other liquid lipsticks, you will need to get the whole application-thang down for an even finish (a lip brush might make things a little easier than the doe foot applicator it comes with?) and do wait until the product has dried before you decide to drink/eat/just generally move your mouth, else it’ll be flaking all over. As for the lasting power, once set they actually hold up quite well. The inner-lip-part does wear off if you happen to fancy a drink but I know I can live with a slight touch-up here and there. It’s a bit drying, but I’ve had worse (the things we do for that matte finish ay).The gorgeous shades definitely make it all worthwhile and the Luxe range packaging is really quite sleek. Velvetines dupe? Nah. But at £3 a pop, I’ll be tempted to complete the set – although seemingly, they’re selling like hot cakes..


And then, their BLUSHER IN BON BON was definitely worth a shot. I mean, £1? Seriously. They have a lovely selection of shades to choose from and I did also buy Lolly – although that happened to be smashed to pieces by the time it reached me. Perhaps my postman was just having a bad day? Or maybe these blushers are just very delicate? I’m leaning towards the latter I’m afraid. Bon Bon actually appears much darker in the pan than when applied and is very pigmented. Be warned. The powder is so soft and almost chalky thus you’re extremely likely to pick up a lot of product on your brush if you’re not careful. It can all go a bit wrong. Blended out though, it does deliver a pretty and natural flush with just a hint of shimmer. And again, with the packaging. It’s really not the best and I’m faced with a lid that could potentially fall off in my hand at any minute. But for the price, I guess I can’t have it all..


Finally and for good measure, the MATTE LIPSTICK IN PEACHY KEEN. I’m not really sure what I was expecting of this. While it looks just lovely on the bullet (a pretty soft peach with a charming vanilla scent), that’s really about as good as it got. A waxy texture that drags on the lips during application, leaving an uneven finish no matter how hard I tried along with a whole pile of flaking. Maybe it’s just this particular shade? Who knows. But these really aren’t for me.

And to think, this little lot came in at less than the price of two coffees in Paris. True story.

What do you think of MUA? Any products you’d recommend?

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