african net sponge

African Sponge Review

Hello everyone, This time I will review a different type of product. It’s related with skin. I am sure you hear about African sponge. It is called in many different names like African Net Sponge, African Bath Sponge or African Body Sponge. If you follow me you will know that I do much with my skin. But it is really important for everyone to take care of their skin.

African Net Sponge

Let’s go back our product African sponge. Some of my friends tried and felt in love with it, they stopped using a washcloth but I was a bit skeptical. Come on, how much difference it can make? But still I decided to try it. You can see a sample of it below. Mine is pink, I selected this color but it is told that some sellers are not allowing to choose a color. I don’t know how much it is important for you, just want to mention 🙂

african net sponge
african sponge

Normally I prefer loofah more than washcloth. And at first seen, african net sponge look like loofah. So again, how much difference it can create?
I used my african sponge for sometime and it feels like loofah but its effect was extremely different. After some usage it will be a bit softer, or maybe skin get used to it but at the end you feel more comfortable with it. After some usage it really exfoliated and after each usage my skin was more softer. I used shea butter too, maybe it effected my skin but african sponge definitely helped it.

How to use African Sponge?

When you hold both ends, it is long so you can clean your back and legs easily. It is easy even for your feet but please don’t do that 🙂 Use another sponge or loofah for your feet. I don’t know how I feel about using the same thing for my body and my feet.

Cleaning it is really easy. You can clean it with a soap easier than a washcloth because of african sponge structure, it is like a net. Again, because of that I is drying really quick. So you will have less creatures on your sponge, and it will be more hygienic.

Another great point about the product, it is inexpensive. In you can buy 3 of them with a prica 10$.
It will definitely unclogs your pores, it exfoliates, removes excess dirt and all that stuff fairly quickly and it gives you a smooth skin. Also you will feel good because using it is far better than using heavy washclot.

Before using it, I really cannot imagine the difference on my skin. Now I felt in love with it too. And I don’t think I will use another product near future. I definitely recommend you to use it. Check it out, see if you like it, come back and let me know how how you like it or not.

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