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Oh, Tom. How I love ya. Smitten just ain’t the word. In fact, you’re really becoming quite the obsession round these parts lately. If ya didn’t notice, that is. Oopz. So sure, you’re obscenely priced and all the rest of it. Like, eye-wateringly so. I mean, even just a single lippie of yours won’t leave me much change from 40 quid. Perhaps just enough for a Starbucks. But, only just. And if ya thought that was bad – don’t even get me started on those quads. A seriously stunning ouch in the bank balance. Eek. But you know what? When you’re lookin’ like that – well, all is forgiven in my eyes. I mean, seriously. Call me soft – but, this little lot? To die for. Completely. There’s just no denying it guys. But, while any kinda TF purchase (or two, ahem) ain’t exactly a decision to be taken lightly (that’s dem big ol’ price tags for ya)

First met in Tom Ford Collection Previews

Well, when I first caught sight of those Fall 2014 collection previews? I’d say it took me all of maybe 3 seconds to fall in love. Hooker, line and sinker. We’re talking swoon overload, right there. And when I saw em in person? Just, inevitable. It was only ever gonna end one way guys. Oh dear. You see, there’s just something about Tom that has me parting with the cash quicker than you can say.. um, anything really. Yeah. It’s bad, I know. But what can I say? Is it the oh-so-silky formulas that never fail to steal my heart? Hm, I’d definitely say so. Although, perhaps it’s those seriously chic shades they drop that have something to do with it? Well, that really could be it. Or maybe even, it’s packaging so plush  and so damn special, it’d be an actual crime to just hide it away? Yeah, I reckon that’s the one guys. But then, with all those factors combined in one place? In one product? Well, I’m practically powerless to resist guys. Even if I wanted to, that is. And can you really blame me? Course not. Besides, I guess beans on toast forever ain’t so bad after all, right..

Tom Ford Contouring Cheek Color Duos Softcore and Stroked
Tom Ford Contouring Cheek Color Duos Softcore and Stroked


Okay. So despite the wonder that is the SOFTCORE CONTOURING CHEEK COLOUR DUO being offered up as just that – in reality, it really isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill kinda contour palette. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Been there, done that. In fact, there ain’t no matte brown or greyish taupes in sight with this one. Soz. Confused? Oh, you will be. Instead of the standard hollow-hues that we know and love for  shaping them chops, you’re in fact greeted with the most deliciously flushed reddish plum you ever did see.

In fact, it’s practically edible. Almost. And talk about versatile. You see, while this beauty of a shade does sit pride of place on the apples of the cheeks as you’d expect from a shade of it’s sort – it does have one other little trick up it’s sleeve. And that, is as the most stunningly striking yet softly playful contour colour that you could really ever wish for. Trust me. Especially on us paler (as in, ghostly) souls. You know, even if I do say so myself. Gorgeously distinctive, beautifully seasonal and,  all while chiselling those seriously structured cheekbones you’ve always dreamt of.

Well at least I do, anyway. Mostly matte with just the slightest hint of satin – the finish, just spot on.  Softer than soft and almost borderline cream even, it just blends to perfection without trying. Quite literally. But with TF, what can ya expect. Just, perfection. That said though, the pigmentation is literally insane with it. Seriously. A light hand is an essential for throwing this baby on. You really do get a whole lotta pigment for your money. You know, all 56 quid of it that is. Even the mere nudge of a brush will surrender payoff like no other. You’ve been warned. 

And then – there’s that highlighter guys. I mean, perfection just ain’t the word. No joke. In fact, I’m practically addicted. Whatta beauty. Although do be mindful, less is definitely more with this one too. You see, as the pigmentation is so very potent once again –  if ya go in heavy, it can all get a bit much I’m afraid (hey there pores). But, when applied with the softly softly approach? Well, it’s softly warmed and peachy-pink hues just tick all the boxes and then some. I mean, talk about lit-from-within. Not too pale, not too frosty and with a bit o’ shimmer in all the right places – it’s the epitome of dream highlight material, if there ever were such a thing. And all the while, somehow appearing both understated yet striking in equal measures. Yes please. Thrown over those high points of the ol’ face (cheekbones, under the brow, y’know – all the usual suspects), it’ll last all day. As in, 12 hours +. Trust me. And the radiance it delivers? A guaranteed. 

Of course, this baby comes accompanied with all the usual TF trimmings as well. You know the kind. Those little added extra touches that can conjure more heart-eyed emojis than you could even fit in a Tweet. We’re talking that unmistakable embossing, entirely droolworthy gold-tipped casing and just the right amount of luxe to see you through. Although, can you ever have too much luxe, really? No? Oh, and there’s even a pretty decent sized mirror in the lid too if ya need it. You know, for when you’re applying your TF on the go, that is. And that’s as good an excuse as any to whip it out in public I reckon. Oo-er. 

eye colour quad in nude dip
eye colour quad in nude dip


But then, and in the spirit of saving only the very best til last for ya – we have, of course, the completely-coveted and entirely Instagram-able EYE COLOUR QUAD IN NUDE DIP. And oh, this one really is as good as it gets. And looks. You see, while at first glance (flash packaging and ornate TF embossment aside though, obvs) this may appear to be just another set of neutrals to add to that big ol’ brown-laden palette collection of yours  – there really ain’t anything average about this baby. Nope. Not by a long shot. You see, (in my opinion) when it comes to shadows – Tom has just got the whole thang down. From colour edits to quality, there’s really nothing quite like em. Or even their price tags for that matter. Ahem. So, as you’d expect from this beauty – no exception.

In fact, the possibilities offered up by this little foursome are practically endless. Allowing you to achieve anything from a subtle one-wash daytime kinda eye, to something seriously smoked-up and dare I say, sultry. Along with pretty much everything else in between if ya fancy. It’s as adaptable as they come, I’d say – and ya just gotta love an all rounder, right? I mean, could those colour pairings be any more perfect if they tried? Nah, I didn’t think so either.

There’s a brightened frosty champagne shade that’s got browbone highlight written all over it, a one-size-fits-all warmed medium taupey tone with that same frosted finish making an appearance once again, a deliciously muted rose goldy-copper (yup, you guessed it – of that frosted variety) and lastly, the softly satiny shade of the bunch, a deep chocolately hue that’ll sit pride of place in a smokey eye (or crease/lower lash/liner/whatever really). And with each and every shade as perfected as the last – well, you’d be hard-pressed to settle yourself on a favourite I reckon. I know I am. 

Then, in the pigmentation department? In a word, a knockout. We’re talkin’  smooth, buttery, one-swipe-to-opaque kinda deal and then some. But hey, that’s standard TF for ya right there. There’s no creasing, no fallout, no nothing. Just bang on blendability and the most effortless application that you could ever hope for. When thrown on dry, these shadows are just all kinds of awesome. But, if that lot wasn’t quite enough for ya (um, how?) – try applying em damp. That’ll do it. As in, high-shine, borderline metallic and with the most insane pigmentation that you ever did see. Just, a whole somethin’ else really. But y’know, either way, once they’re on they’ll budge for no one. Seriously. 10 hour wear time? No problem. And you know what? I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – put them to head to head (or even, gram for gram) vs MAC single shadows, and this palette somehow becomes quite the bargain. Um, promise..

Now there is just one little set back guys – that is, this pair are all but sold out by now I’m afraid. Yup – just don’t shoot the messenger here. But hey – you never know, right? What I am certain of, is that that it’ll be more than worth the wait if you do manage to put your hands on em..

Did you lot grab either, I wonder? Fancy them?

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