12 days of glow with jurlique.

jurlique #12daysofglow face mist trio rosewater balancing lavender hydrating citrus purifying

So, when it comes to Christmas shopping and that whole gift-getting thing (ie buying stuff that's not for yourself, soz) - well, it's simple enough, right? I mean, talk about a whole lotta panic over nothing, surely? Erm, nope. Wrong guys. Unfortunately. You see, while shopping for myself really is just a walk in the park (if ya didn't notice, ahem) - in reality, when it's comes to buying for others? Well, that's a-whole-nother board game. And, not an easy one. Not by a long shot. Whether it be a prezzie for someone ya barely know (like, when did Secret Santa ever become a good idea?) or a special-something-kinda treat for the nearest and dearest - it ain't easy. None of it. So much choice, yet so much room for error. But with that big ol' dilemma in mind, where d'ya start? Well, a gift set really ticks all the right boxes, I reckon. Especially of the skincare variety. And so, when I caught whiff of the #12DaysofGlow campaign offered up via the ever-incredible and all-natural Australian skincare brand that is Jurlique - well, that's a serious no-brainer right there. But then, can you really blame me? With their revolutionary combo of nature and science, coupled with some seriously top-notch ingredients and more skin-loving buzzwords than you could shake a stick at  - well, they're right up there with the best of em. Literally. And this, a deliciously seasonal campaign focused solely around a handpicked selection of only their most completely-coveted and best-selling products, all bundled up in to the cutest little gift sets that you ever did see. In a word? Perfection. Thoughtful, indulgent and just that little bit luxurious - you're on to a serious winner and then some. So, their FRESH MIST TRIO £24.00*, containing no fewer than (yup, you guessed it) three of their oh-so-cult face mists? Well, to die for really.


a bit more tom ford.

Oh, Tom. How I love ya. Smitten just ain't the word. In fact, you're really becoming quite the obsession round these parts lately. If ya didn't notice, that is. Oopz. So sure, you're obscenely priced and all the rest of it. Like, eye-wateringly so. I mean, even just a single lippie of yours won't leave me much change from 40 quid. Perhaps just enough for a Starbucks. But, only just. And if ya thought that was bad - don't even get me started on those quads. A seriously stunning ouch in the bank balance. Eek. But you know what? When you're lookin' like that - well, all is forgiven in my eyes. I mean, seriously. Call me soft - but, this little lot? To die for. Completely. There's just no denying it guys. But, while any kinda TF purchase (or two, ahem) ain't exactly a decision to be taken lightly (that's dem big ol' price tags for ya) - well, when I first caught sight of those Fall 2014 collection previews? I'd say it took me all of maybe 3 seconds to fall in love. Hooker, line and sinker. We're talking swoon overload, right there. And when I saw em in person? Just, inevitable. It was only ever gonna end one way guys. Oh dear. You see, there's just something about Tom that has me parting with the cash quicker than you can say.. um, anything really. Yeah. It's bad, I know. But what can I say? Is it the oh-so-silky formulas that never fail to steal my heart? Hm, I'd definitely say so. Although, perhaps it's those seriously chic shades they drop that have something to do with it? Well, that really could be it. Or maybe even, it's packaging so plush  and so damn special, it'd be an actual crime to just hide it away? Yeah, I reckon that's the one guys. But then, with all those factors combined in one place? In one product? Well, I'm practically powerless to resist guys. Even if I wanted to, that is. And can you really blame me? Course not. Besides, I guess beans on toast forever ain't so bad after all, right..


the velvet teddy dupe?

mac velvet teddy dupe revlon mauve it over lipstick review

Right. So I know we've all heard more than enough about this one recently, haven't we? Surely? I mean, you really just can't miss it. We're talkin' Twitter, Insta, you name it - Velvet Teddy is everywhere. In fact, it's quite literally the shade on everyone's lips at the moment. One way or another. And that, is some serious hype right there guys. Well at least for a lippie, anyway. But with an abundance of adoring fans flocking to buy it and I dare say just as many Velvet-Teddy-lovin' hashtags kicking around lately too (go, look) - well, quite frankly, I just didn't get it. What was all that fuss about, really? Like, a nude is only a nude after all, right? Nope. Apparently not. And oh, how wrong I was. Until of course, I googled those two little words - that is, Kylie Jenner. And there it was. The answer I'd be looking for. Along with picture after picture (after picture) of her, good ol' VT and all it's magically lip-enhancing glory. Ahem. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not entirely convinced that the big ol' boost provided in that region is necessarily all down to one little lipstick. Although there ain't no denying that the universally-complimentary yet oh-so-subtle shade it imparts definitely does help things along a fair bit. But hey, what do I know? And in honesty, all that publicity aside - Velvet Teddy is pretty damn fine nude in it's own right anyway. Perhaps even one of the very best that there is, I'd say. Credit where credit's due and all. Not too pink yet not too brown and not even in the slightest bit orangey. It's a winner. Completely refined yet the epitome of flattering, a my-lips-but-better-kinda-deal and then some. And you know what? I reckon everyone should have at least one of em to fall back on. Or even three. The only catch? £15.50 a pop guys, I'm afraid. And maybe even more importantly - it's pretty much sold out always and everywhere too (thanks Kylie). So with that lot in mind, what if there was a lipstick so entirely similar yet readily available - you really couldn't tell them apart? Even head to head? And all that, for half the price of a MAC? Well, now you're listening, aren't you..


benefit hervana ft cohorted.

benefit hervana a good karma face powder blusher review cohorted

Y'know that beauty-shoppin' website, Cohorted - you've heard of em, right? Yeah? Surely? I mean, they're getting some serious love all over the shop just lately. You can't have missed it. And you know what? All that love is for good reason, I say. After all, there is only one thing that's better than makeup. And that guys, is discounted makeup. In fact, those of you that do know all about it - well, you really won't need me to tell you just how awesome it is. All kinds of awesome, that is. But if you that haven't seen them around (um, where ya been?), it's basically a one-a-week drop (every Monday at 6pm - go, run, set the alarm) to snag a serious saving on only the most completely-coveted and positively-droolworthy beauty brands and releases that there is. Fully dreamy yet entirely dangerous in equal measures - ie the most perfect recipe for beauty shopping, obviously. We're talkin' the likes of Urban Decay, MAC, Real Techniques, Smashbox and even this BENEFIT HERVANA A GOOD KARMA FACE POWDER* to name just a few. I think I even spied a little D&G on there the other day too. Er, yes please. But even better still, the more people that want each particular item (and oh, they will), the better the discount they offer ya. Trust me, I've bagged myself many-a deal via that site of late. Let's say, the brand-spanking Naked Basics 2 palette.. for 15 quid? Un-real. It'd be plain rude not to really. But don't just take my word for it you lot. Go, check em out - I dare ya? Well, to leave there empty-handed that is..


milani constellation gel eyeliner.

milani constellation gel eyeliner in enchanted lapis

Oh eyeliner - we can't live with ya, but really can't live without ya. I mean, while there's just no question in my mind that you can all but transform a makeup look in a matter of minutes with the stuff (at least on a good day, anyway), you're also very prone to break one given the chance. And boy, don't me and the Bioderma-soaked-cotton-buds know it. All too well. There's too wonky, too much product or just plain dodgy. Been there, done that. Trust me. But hasn't everyone? After all, they do say to not ask a girl with winged liner (or any liner for that matter) why she's late, don't they? For good reason I say. But y'know, that said - I think I've just about cracked the liner whole thing lately. Even if I do say so myself. In fact, that elusive flick ain't so tricky after all once you get to grips with it. The proper tools plus a steady hand, combined with a decent helping of practise - and you'll be laughing. I promise. Fancy smokin' it up? Go kohl. For a quick flick with ease? Liquid, every time. But for the very best kinda liner on those days when perhaps you do have a spare 5 (okay, 10) minutes to play with? Then gel is your man. Always. Okay, so I get that it's gotta be by far the most feared formula of the lot. We're talkin' a potential disaster in the making right there if I'm honest. But in the right hands? Well, it's a sure-fire way to achieve a seriously clean and pin-point precise line, flick, whatever really. In fact, you just can't beat it. And my go-to shade of choice? Well, black is the obvious answer (see 98% of my Instagram photos ever). Simply classic, ever-so-chic and quite frankly, just how I like it. But then, once you've mastered that - what's next? Blue? Brown? Purple, perhaps? All entirely different yet deliciously striking in their own right. One of each will do, I reckon. But what's that? Still not quite enough for ya? Well, I've got one last card up my sleeve here guys - enter the new MILANI CONSTELLATION GEL EYE LINER? Yep, you heard that right. Your very own little galaxy - but y'know, in a pot. Uh, yes please. You might even say that it's out of this world, I guess..


the nars lip pencil lookalike?

Well. This one really has been a long time coming. I mean, it's no secret that the NARS LIP PENCILS receive a fair bit (lot) of good press about the place, is it? And rightly so, I say. With their winning formulas, bang on shade range, incomparable wear times - and all that, without the faff of that whole stain or lipstick/liner combo to contend with. Just, perfection. They're a force to be reckoned with - and y'know, we just can't get enough of em. The only catch? 18 quid a pop. I know. But with that in mind and if they really are that damn good (and oh, they are), then why hasn't the highstreet took heed yet I wonder? Hm? It doesn't usually take em long. I mean, sure. There are a fair few similar products out there on that more affordable end of the spectrum but nothing that quite lives up to good ol' NARS. Or even close for that matter. But these, the new MAYBELLINE COLOUR DRAMA INTENSE VELVET LIP PENCILS £4.99? Can they really cut it.. for a fiver a piece?