benefit hervana ft cohorted.

benefit hervana a good karma face powder blusher review cohorted

Y'know that beauty-shoppin' website, Cohorted - you've heard of em, right? Yeah? Surely? I mean, they're getting some serious love all over the shop just lately. You can't have missed it. And you know what? All that love is for good reason, I say. After all, there is only one thing that's better than makeup. And that guys, is discounted makeup. In fact, those of you that do know all about it - well, you really won't need me to tell you just how awesome it is. All kinds of awesome, that is. But if you that haven't seen them around (um, where ya been?), it's basically a one-a-week drop (every Monday at 6pm - go, run, set the alarm) to snag a serious saving on only the most completely-coveted and positively-droolworthy beauty brands and releases that there is. Fully dreamy yet entirely dangerous in equal measures - ie the most perfect recipe for beauty shopping, obviously. We're talkin' the likes of Urban Decay, MAC, Real Techniques, Smashbox and even this BENEFIT HERVANA A GOOD KARMA FACE POWDER* to name just a few. I think I even spied a little D&G on there the other day too. Er, yes please. But even better still, the more people that want each particular item (and oh, they will), the better the discount they offer ya. Trust me, I've bagged myself many-a deal via that site of late. Let's say, the brand-spanking Naked Basics 2 palette.. for 15 quid? Un-real. It'd be plain rude not to really. But don't just take my word for it you lot. Go, check em out - I dare ya? Well, to leave there empty-handed that is..


milani constellation gel eyeliner.

milani constellation gel eyeliner in enchanted lapis

Oh eyeliner - we can't live with ya, but really can't live without ya. I mean, while there's just no question in my mind that you can all but transform a makeup look in a matter of minutes with the stuff (at least on a good day, anyway), you're also very prone to break one given the chance. And boy, don't me and the Bioderma-soaked-cotton-buds know it. All too well. There's too wonky, too much product or just plain dodgy. Been there, done that. Trust me. But hasn't everyone? After all, they do say to not ask a girl with winged liner (or any liner for that matter) why she's late, don't they? For good reason I say. But y'know, that said - I think I've just about cracked the liner whole thing lately. Even if I do say so myself. In fact, that elusive flick ain't so tricky after all once you get to grips with it. The proper tools plus a steady hand, combined with a decent helping of practise - and you'll be laughing. I promise. Fancy smokin' it up? Go kohl. For a quick flick with ease? Liquid, every time. But for the very best kinda liner on those days when perhaps you do have a spare 5 (okay, 10) minutes to play with? Then gel is your man. Always. Okay, so I get that it's gotta be by far the most feared formula of the lot. We're talkin' a potential disaster in the making right there if I'm honest. But in the right hands? Well, it's a sure-fire way to achieve a seriously clean and pin-point precise line, flick, whatever really. In fact, you just can't beat it. And my go-to shade of choice? Well, black is the obvious answer (see 98% of my Instagram photos ever). Simply classic, ever-so-chic and quite frankly, just how I like it. But then, once you've mastered that - what's next? Blue? Brown? Purple, perhaps? All entirely different yet deliciously striking in their own right. One of each will do, I reckon. But what's that? Still not quite enough for ya? Well, I've got one last card up my sleeve here guys - enter the new MILANI CONSTELLATION GEL EYE LINER? Yep, you heard that right. Your very own little galaxy - but y'know, in a pot. Uh, yes please. You might even say that it's out of this world, I guess..


the nars lip pencil lookalike?

Well. This one really has been a long time coming. I mean, it's no secret that the NARS LIP PENCILS receive a fair bit (lot) of good press about the place, is it? And rightly so, I say. With their winning formulas, bang on shade range, incomparable wear times - and all that, without the faff of that whole stain or lipstick/liner combo to contend with. Just, perfection. They're a force to be reckoned with - and y'know, we just can't get enough of em. The only catch? 18 quid a pop. I know. But with that in mind and if they really are that damn good (and oh, they are), then why hasn't the highstreet took heed yet I wonder? Hm? It doesn't usually take em long. I mean, sure. There are a fair few similar products out there on that more affordable end of the spectrum but nothing that quite lives up to good ol' NARS. Or even close for that matter. But these, the new MAYBELLINE COLOUR DRAMA INTENSE VELVET LIP PENCILS £4.99? Can they really cut it.. for a fiver a piece?


a giveaway thing.

Well this is just a bit insane, isn't it? I mean, 1000 thousands followers? On my little blog? Seriously. As if that has even happened. Just, wow. But you know what? Somehow it has guys - and I've only got you lot to thank for it. Quite frankly, I couldn't be happier (or more shocked for that matter) if I tried. And so, in an effort to show you lot just how much I appreciate ya being round here - here's a fancy ol' giveaway to try your luck at. And besides, I was never all that good at the whole soppy thing anyway..


why i love sarah chapman.

sarah chapman skinesis overnight facial morning facial ultimate cleanse eye recovery hydrating booster review

Now when it comes to skincare, I've just gotta admit - I'm a floozy. Flitting from product to product without even a second thought for those that I've left behind me. I mean, if that wasn't obvious enough around here, that is. You see, as much as I try to remain loyal to a product and as much I may well think it's the best thing since sliced bread (at least for a time, anyway) - well, I'm forever convinced that there's gotta be something out there that'll be one step ahead of it. Even just by a little way. I mean, the grass is usually always greener elsewhere, right? Maybe? And so, ever in pursuit of that next best thing, I've found myself trying and testing a whole lotta skincare. Trust me. In fact, I've swapped and changed bits about more times than I'd care to admit - so many products, so little time and all. But y'know what? Every so often, I'll come across a brand that's just so damn perfect that I can't shake it off. A brand that I can wholly rely on to work it's skin-loving wonders each and every time I call on it. A brand that just has the whole thing down. And so, no matter how hard I try to top it - the SARAH CHAPMAN SKINESIS range has completely ruled the skincare roost for me just lately. But with those oh-so-luxe scents, richer than rich formulas and winning textures - it ain't no surprise that I'm hooked on em. Who knows? Maybe I am even ready to settle down after all..


the one about the magnitone lucid.

magnitone lucid facial brush plush pink review

Facial brushers? Nah, never bothered with em. You see, in recent years, I've developed myself a whole new love for skincare itself. Y'know, if that ain't obvious enough around here. And so, over time, I've worked my way through all manner of of lotions, potions and everything in between - all in the name of achieving that refined, smoothed and perfected complexion we all dream about. At least I do. But then, who can blame me? There's no doubting that having great skin just gives you the world of confidence. And you know what? That full-blown skincare obsession seemed to do the trick for me, at least to some extent. Especially those ol' faithful holy grail products that I've accumulated along the way. Y'know the kind, those products that you can always rely on to whip your skin in to shape in a flash. Those products that guarantee you a decent shot at the best kinda skin when you need it. Sure, there have been plenty of skincare misses amongst the hits (and a whole host of breakouts to prove it) - but hey, we get there in the end. And so, after a whole lotta trial and testing (like you wouldn't believe) and feeling a fair chunk of cash lighter - well, my skin just hasn't looked back. In fact, it's come on in leaps and bounds - even if I do say so myself. We're talking a solid 7 out of 10 most days I reckon. And that, is pretty good going for me by any stretch of the imagination. Then of course, the whole facial-brush-skepticism kicks in. I mean, will it actually do more harm than good? Sure, my skin is about sensitive as a box of rocks compared to others but even so - it really needs no encouragement in that department at the best of times. Seriously. It'll break out on me at the drop of a hat if it fancies (thanks skin). And so I guess if my winning skincare formula is working for me so far, there's just no need to change it up really? I mean, if it ain't broke, why fix it, right? Wrong. Because this. The MAGNITONE LUCID FACIAL BRUSH £69.99*, just so happens to be a game changer.